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[fic] The Usual Reasons

Title: The Usual Reasons
Word count: 9894
Pairing: Sokka/Zuko
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sokka would swear, later on, that it was completely innocent when it started.
Note: Spoilers up through "The Firebending Masters." While this fic is by no means a romance, it is slash and earns its PG-13 rating. Many thanks to peri_peteia, foxysquid and most especially jlh for helping me beat this thing into shape.

( Zuko was the first to stand. 'Well. Good night,' he said. It was addressed to Aang, as most of the things he said were. )

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♪ It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood ♪

Welcome to Fandom Crossing! Fandom Crossing is a brand new and shiny Multi-Fandom, Original Character-friendly, Alternate Universe roleplay based on the mildly-popular-depending-on-who-you-talk-to Nintendo Gamecube and DS game, Animal Crossing.

Like the game, Fandom Crossing is a slice-of-life roleplay, in which you can... Do anything you want! Let your creative juices flow! All those AUs about Character A living a normal life can come true!

Please check it out if you have time. ♥?

We currently only have one Avatar character... Poor Zuko's all alone, and he needs an Iroh to teach him the ways of tea and failure Lightning, and maybe a Sokka to call him a pansy? 

Sparing Practise

Okay just something quick I knocked up for the challenge. Sorry for any spelling/gramar erros. I tried to keep them in character.
Title: Sparing practise
Summary: "At least he's not having imaginary sword fights with his shadow anymore"
Rating: K (purrrrrfectly safe kiddies!)

Please enjoy!

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Comments are orgasmic! (ewwww) I'm trying to improve my writing, any tips welcome.
Love Tink ~<3
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Fic: A Family Affair

Title: A Family Affair
“If I have to start introducing you as my stepbrother,” Sokka said, “I’m going to kill myself.”  
Word Count: 947
Rating: K
Ships: Hakoda/Ursa

your dad has braids!

Not written for the challenge... but if you squint, it might fit...





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A bit of a challenge!

Some more community fun for the holidays.

I challenge you guys to write a Sokka and Zuko friendship fic based on this sentence:
"If, when they first met, you told them they'd eventually be best friends, they'd have thought you were crazy" 

Just something to get the creative juices flowing.


Well okay, it looks like the header contest is on!

Your challenge! Make a header that illustrates a platonic friendship between Sokka and Zuko!

The winning header will be displayed in the community's layout for at least one month, maybe longer. (Who knows, we may do this again)

There are just a few rules to read over.


~ All entries must be submitted by December 31.
~ The header must be at least 600px wide. It can be bigger, but no smaller.
~ One entry per person.
~ The header must feature both Sokka and Zuko. 
~ The header must illustrate a Platonic friendship. 
~ Nothing over a PG-13 rating.
~ Do not  tell anyone to vote for you.
~ Anyone who would like to can participate, just HAVE FUN!!

Comment with your headers!