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Sokka and Zuko Friendship!
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Brothers in Arms
A community dedicated to the friendship between Sokka and Zuko of Avatar: The Last Airbender


1. Be Respectful. At All Times. Period.

2. On that same vein: No bashing!

3. Credit all images, excerpts, etc.

4. No posts higher than PG-13! This is, after all, a children's show

5. No EXCESSIVE swearing/vulgarity: and please no f-bomb, period. Again... kid's show, so I'd like to keep it somewhat kid friendly

6. Spoilers, large pictures, large amounts of text (like fics), or more than three icons must be under an LJ-cut.

7. Only one post will be allowed for episode discussion. Unless otherwise previously announced, that will be set up by me.

8. No vigilants (meaning no armchair mods!)

9. If you have massive, massive spoilers--like you're the only person in the world who's seen all of S3, or something insane like that--wait to talk about it until the official episode post.

10. NO SHIP WARS. Seriously.

11. Most importantly, have fun!


avatar_fans -- The premiere AtLAb comm!
zuzu_fans -- For fans of everyones favorite angsty fire nation prince!

high_born -- A Zuko and Toph friendship comm!

Screencaps provided by whoresque.